At-Home Reading

Please encourage your child to read at home!  Ideally, I would love for your child to read books of his or her choice for at least 20-30 minutes a minimum of 5 nights a week.  Your child does NOT have to record their reading time in their planner or do anything to "prove" he or she is reading.  Just read!  Audiobooks, family read alouds, or silent reading are all great!


Your child may bring home work that he or she did not finish at school.  In order to help students avoid having late work, I will encourage students to bring home work that is due the following day if it is not completed.  You will see any additional homework recorded in your child's planner in the boxes directly about the reading log.  Please check this daily and encourage your child to complete these assignments in order to be prepared for his or her lessons.

Your child will use his or her planner as a work plan throughout the year.  Assignments will be written in on the day they are due.  Students should cross out or highlight an assignment when it is completed to help them keep track of their work.  If an assignment is late or incomplete, I will circle the assignment in their planner and write my initials next to it.Please sign your child's planner here

Please look at your child's planner each night and sign it.  I will check your child's planner each morning.  This signature is NOT "proof" that your child read or completed any work he or she brought home.  This is just a way for me to know that you are aware of what they are working on at school, upcoming assignments,  and how they are using their time to complete their work.  When you sign your child's planner each night, please look at their assignments.  Talk to your child about what they are working on, and check in with them to make sure they are completing their assignments on time.

You may also see a short note from me in your child's planner when your child does something amazing at school!

Practical Life Bingo
Students are expected to complete a monthly Practical Life Bingo card.  All students must complete the tasks in the shaded boxes.  Fourth graders may choose any other 4 tasks.  Fifth graders may choose any other 5 tasks.  Please sign your initials in each box that your child completes.  Bingo cards should be turned in on the last school day of each month.  The first Bingo homework will be sent home in September.


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