Field Trips

Field Trip Chaperone Expectations

Chaperones are a very important part of each field trip. We appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time to accompany our classes on our experiential learning opportunities. The following is a list our teachers have compiled of expectations of our chaperones to help our field trips be the best learning environment for our students.  Thank you again for all you do for our students, teachers, and school.


  1. All chaperones must submit a Prospective Volunteer Profile form so we can perform a background check on all individuals that come in contact with our children.

  2. Chaperones must sign up and be confirmed by the classroom teacher to attend field trips. Please do not just show up at field trip if you have not communicated with the teacher. 

  3. Communicate with teachers if you are meeting the class at the location or riding the bus when room is available on our transportation. 

  4. Please show up on time and plan on staying for the entire length of the field trip.

  5. Please do not bring siblings (older or younger) to field trips as they may distract from your responsibilities as a chaperone.

  6.  Be present during field trips and involved in the activities you are supervising.

  7. Be willing to help our students maintain our field trip behavior expectations and seek help from teachers if you have a student that is unable to maintain those expectations.

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