Outdoor Upgrades!

Dear BR Community, 

Outdoor Campus Renovations Are Happening!

This summer, with the help of some grant funds, our campus will be upgraded!  Beginning shortly after school is out, we will begin a project to upgrade our campus in a number of ways that will make it more usable for outdoor learning and also accessible for all.

The biggest change you will notice is a removal of the drive that we call the “Gulch” between our Main Building and our Lyceum Building. The removal of the existing concrete and asphalt from the North end of that drive all the way to the back parking lot has been approved by the Fire Marshal to allow for us to replace that with a concrete walking path surrounded by vegetation. It will give our property much more of a “campus feel” as well as provide some spaces including a “seat wall” near the Science Building that will have many uses for outdoor learning. This new path will also connect to a new concrete slab, providing a better space for activities and connecting to our sidewalk and crosswalk to our Main Building parking lot. This will create a mid-campus “hub” that appropriately connects all of our buildings in the best way possible.

Another part of the plan is to add handicap accessible parking on the North End of this new walking path which will lead to a new accessible entrance closest to our elevator. This will take place at Door D, and include an indoor ramp for those who need that accommodation. 

Click here to see the plan.

If you have any comments about these upgrades or how to navigate campus while this work is being done, please contact Black River’s Facilities Director, Kelli Heneghan at heneghank@brpsk12.org.

If you encounter any problems during this process, you may also contact our Section 504 Coordinator, Suellen Martinez at martinezs@brpsk12.org

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