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Last Updated: 7/31/2019 1:09 PM

For specific, up-to-the minute information for parents and students including college advising information, scholarship and program opportunities and career exploration, please visit our College Advisor's page!

Black River Public School is a college preparatory school.  We take a multi-tiered approach to helping our students learn why they should go to college, how they can prepare academically during high school, how to manage the application process and what to expect once they get to college. 

In addition to ongoing contact with students during the school day, BRPS offers evening programs during the year aimed at helping families be successful in preparing applications, negotiating financial aide, and making college decisions.  Watch the Daily Announcements and our Master Calendar for notice of these events.

In conjunction with CAP teachers, Black River's School Guidance Counselor stays in touch with all students to make sure they are meeting State of Michigan and Black River curriculum requirements.  She meets with students on an increasingly individual basis as they approach graduation.

Program of Study 
Black River's academics are designed to prepare our students for success in college.  Help is readily available for our students through a network of support options as they complete their coursework, community service and senior project.

College Representative Visits to BRPS 
Black River frequently hosts representatives of many different colleges and universities representatives on our campus to talk with students about their schools. Juniors and seniors especially are invited to attend these visits in order to learn about a particular school, as well as to discover and compare the different types of college programs available.  College visits will be publicized on Daily Announcements and on the Master Calendar.

Visits to Colleges 
Students should plan to visit several different colleges before making applications.  Every college has its own atmosphere and culture.  A personal visit by students and parents is very important in helping to decide whether a school is a good fit.

Are you a first generation college student?  Destination Education is a new resource that can help you plan your path to higher education.

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