Walker Line Procedure


1) All upper elementary students need to be instructed that if they have younger siblings, they need to find them in the gulch area and take them away to meet their parents.

 *If the upper el student is picking up a kindergarten siblings, they MUST check in with one of the kindergarten teachers before taking their sibling.  If the upper el students do not have a sibling, they may just leave to find their parents.  A meeting place should be communicated ahead of time between the parent and the 4th/5th grader.

2)  Parents are expected to line up in two separate lines - kindergarden to the north and lower elementary to the south - but if the kindergartner has an older sibling, that elder child should go to the kindergarten line to pair up.  Parents with both a lower el and a kindergartner will be instructed to go to the kindergarten line.  This will shorten the length of the 1st-3rd line and make everything run faster.

3) Lower el classes will still line up by class in the gulch.  To speed up the process, there will be six color stations at the entry of the gulch.  This will be run just like car line - children will be called to a color and the parent will be asked to meet them at that color.

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