Car Line Procedure/End of Day Procedures

(Drop-Off and Pick Up)

THANK YOU to all of the wonderful Parent Volunteers and Teachers who help keep our students safe every morning and afternoon.  
Say ‘thank-you’ to these volunteers when you can!

Please click here for the car-line map.

A few things to remember during Drop Off / Pick Up of ALL students to ensure continued success in keeping all of our Black River Students safe:

1)  Please yield to the Parent Volunteer/Teacher who is trying to move traffic through the Elementary line or out of the Black River parking lot. They are monitoring backups in all directions to try and keep all traffic moving. 

2)  Please yield to street traffic exiting onto Columbia Avenue and 22nd street. The city traffic ALWAYS has the right of way.

3)  When dropping off your children please make sure their backpacks are packed, coats are on, and good-byes said BEFORE pulling up to the drop off zone  This will help prevent delays and keep the carline running smoothly.  As a courtesy to the other drivers, if you do need extra time, please pull over and park in a safe area until your children are ready to be dropped off.

4)  Car Line drop-off and pick-up zones are CELL PHONE FREE ZONES.  Please refrain from talking on cell phones or using digital devices in any way during drop off/ pick up. Pay attention to traffic and pedestrians around you.  This will help to ensure the safety of everyone.  

5)  For students being dropped off at the Elementary Building, please allow the volunteer to open and assist before letting your child exit the vehicle. This will give all vehicles a chance to move up to the unloading area and avoid back-ups.

6)  If you are dropping off or picking up on the street side of the school, please follow all city laws. There should be no parking or stopping within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, a corner, crosswalk or parking lot exit/entrance.

7)  Elementary students are considered tardy once the doors have been closed by the staff. Parent Volunteers cannot escort your child into the building. If the doors have been closed you will have to report to the Elementary front office (off of Columbia) to sign your child in.

8) Students should be picked up promptly, K-3 grade students not picked up at the conclusion of carline and walkerline will be brought into the office.  Office staff will call parent/gardians regarding their students. 4/5 students will be directed to the Lyceum to wait for parents to pick them up.  The Lyceum is only staffed and supervised until 3:30pm.  Repeated late pick ups will be followed up with a letter home.  

9) Several local daycares provide afterschool care and pick up from Black River. 


Thank you to everyone for adhering to the rules and for doing your part to make  Black River safe for all of our everyone.

513 Columbia Avenue
Holland, MI 49423
Phone: 616.355.0055 x302