Arrival and Dismissal Procedures 2023-24

Last Updated: 7/26/2023 1:48 PM




  • Doors open at 7:45 am; class begins promptly at 8:00 am.

  • Please make sure that you pull as far forward as you are safely able when in the drop-off zones to allow space for other vehicles.

  • Parents are asked to stay in their vehicles during drop-off to help keep the line moving smoothly. 

  • Please have your children prepared to exit the vehicle before you reach the drop-off zone.  This means backpacks are on, other personal items are in hand, and good-byes are done.  Thank you for your help with this.

  • The Lyceum building will be open at 7:15 am for breakfast and early arrivals.

  • We ask that students DO NOT exit the vehicle before 7:45am if you arrive early UNLESS you are dropping children off at the Lyceum.

  • If you arrive AFTER 8:00 am, please accompany your child to the elementary office to be signed in and to receive a tardy slip.

  • Students may be dropped off at either drop-off zone but please have all your children exit the vehicle in the same zone.  

  • Students should only exit the vehicle through the passenger side.




This year we will be continuing to use a dismissal program called Driveline.  This software will allow teachers to dismiss students directly from the classroom to the carline or walker lines.  

  • Dismissal will begin at 3:10 pm for the elementary students.

  • If you are picking your children up through the carline, please make sure that your laminated number card is visibly displayed in your front window.

    • If you do not have your laminated number card, you may print/write the number out in large font so that it can easily be seen from a distance.

  • We will be using both lanes of the drive (Lane 1 and 2) to load students into vehicles for dismissal.

  • Vehicles will be released in batches of 10.  Once every child has been safely loaded into the 10 vehicles in that batch, the vehicles will be dismissed.

    • For safety, DO NOT move your vehicle until directed to do so.

  • Each pickup area has a designated color and students will be directed to the color where they are to be picked up.

  • Teachers will stay in the classrooms at dismissal and keep track of students being dismissed.  The support staff will help with the dispatch of the carline and walker line, as well as, for supervision.

  • If a child is not able to come out to the carline in a timely fashion, that parent will be asked to pull ahead and park in one of four parking spots at the end of the drive and wait until their child makes it outside.

  • If you choose to use the walker line for pickup you will need to park in the Columbia Ave lot or near the front of the school. 

  • NO vehicles will be able to exit the Lyceum lot between 3:05-3:30 unless they are picking up a child using Driveline.

  • Upper Elementary students who will not be using the walker/carline can be dismissed directly from their classrooms after checking with their teacher. 

  • Your Driveline number is also used for the walker line so please make sure the person picking up your child knows the Driveline number. 

  • It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to inform the teacher/s and the office if someone else will be picking up your child/ren.  Advance notice is needed to adjust Driveline accordingly.

  • Finally, please be courteous and give grace to one another. There are a lot of moving parts during dropoff and dismissal. Be patient. Student safety is our number one priority.


513 Columbia Avenue
Holland, MI 49423
Phone: 616.355.0055 x302