Bridge Card Purchases Can Double Up Food Bucks

1. The US government has moved all SNAP/Bridge Card benefits up 15% through June of 2021 and through September.

 2. Michigan is again moving all families up to the maximum food benefits through at least June.

 3. Student Pandemic P-EBT 

           A. Students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12 are eligible (ages 5 to 18) if they qualify for free or reduced-priced at school and in-person is not available or not available on a full-time basis.

           B. Families will receive an estimated $127.53 monthly for each eligible child who has no in-person and attends a school that is fully virtual and about $77.06 for each eligible child who attends a school with a hybrid schedule of in-person and remote learning. Monthly benefits will vary on the number of school days in a month.

C. Benefits are retroactive to September and will be paid through June.

D. "Households that already food assistance will receive the Pandemic-EBT payments on their Bridge Cards.  Families that do not already receive food assistance will receive Pandemic-EBT cards in the mail that they can use to purchase food.  Payments are expected to begin in late March.

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