A Message from Shannon Brunink, Head of School - March 24, 2021

When positive cases of COVID-19 are revealed to the school or quarantines are necessary, the first action taken is calling all of those affected.  This happens before any public statement is made so that people never wonder if their child or family is affected.  The information given is specific to the classroom and the child.  

A typical quote from one of those phone calls would be: 

We were just informed that your child's classroom had an exposure to a positive case of COVID-19.  This exposure took place on this "specific date" which means that the first day of quarantine is "specific date" and your student's last day of quarantine will be "specific date."

More information is given about remote learning along with advice for looking for symptoms etc. but at the heart of the issue is a private medical concern.  It would be a violation of our students' privacy and would actually be illegal for the school to share more information about students and their medical conditions.  Because we have concerns about this, we also do not broadcast specific information about classrooms that are quarantined.  Families in this situation may release this information if they would like to communicate that, but the school itself may not.

Again, at the heart of this is a medical issue and that means it is private for those affected so while it is understandable that people would like more information, the school can not provide that.

As always, important information pertaining to Black River Public School will be posted to the website first then in Infinite Campus messenger if it pertains to the majority of our families. We encourage you to contact the elementary or middle/high school main office with questions so you can be directed to the appropriate person or department. While we love our social media outlets to inform the community of special happenings in and around campus, we encourage you to contact the school directly with questions.

Black River will continue to adhere to all of the protocols required per the Ottawa County Department of Public Health and we are all so very appreciative of our supportive community.

Thank you,


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