BRPS Mask Policy 2020-2021 School Year

· Homemade facial coverings must be washed daily.
· Hand washing a mask with very warm water and dish soap is an effective way to clean a cloth mask.
· Disposable facing coverings must be disposed of at the end of each day.
· Neck gaiters are acceptable
· Bandanas, Halloween type masks or masks that conceal the entire face are not acceptable
· Mesh facial covering designed to mimic face masks are not acceptable.
· Plexiglass face shields are not considered face masks and are not acceptable.  This includes both the face visor and chin shields.
· Students may remove masks during lunch time.
· Supervised outdoor mask breaks may occur during class time.

If a student is not following guidelines for mask wearing protocol the following steps will be taken:

1.     A faculty member will give the student a verbal reminder to wear their mask.

If the student continues to refuse to wear the mask, and not on the medically exempt list, the faculty member will contact a member of the administration team who will give the student a verbal reminder that they must wear their mask.  If the same student continues to neglect face mask protocol on a daily basis, this may be considered persistent disobedience, and the student may be mandated to remote learning.

2.      If a student continues to refuse to wear a mask, parents will be contacted and asked to pick up the student.

3.     If problems of a similar nature exist, the student may be mandated to finish the semester in a remote learning setting.

* If a student is medically unable to wear a mask a parent/legal guardian must contact the main office prior to the start of in person learning.  Official medical documentation must be provided to the main office to verify a condition exists wear a student cannot wear a mask.  Faculty will be made aware of which students are not to wear a mask.

If the State of Michigan moves to Phase 5 or Phase 6 in the Return to Learn Road Map, face masks may no longer be required-

The school will comply with guidance from the Ottawa County Department of Public Health. 

This mask policy can be found in the Student Handbook for grades K-12

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