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Last Updated: 3/18/2024 1:05 PM

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Meal orders for elementary students are taken in class each morning and MS/HS students will select their meal choice in the lunch line. 

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Nutritious foods available for financially-qualifying households


The State of Michigan has approved free meals for the 2023-2024 school year. Each student will be eligible for one free breakfast and one free lunch per day. Additional servings will be charged at the full price of $1.45 for breakfast and $2.75 for lunch. 

Please make sure to check your child's food service balance to ensure that it is brought current prior to the start of school. As a reminder, the free meal program only covers one breakfast and one lunch per day. Any additional servings will be charged at full price. If your child will only be bringing meals from home and you would like your student's food service account to be deactivated please notify the main office. You can also ask for a restriction on the account that only allows one breakfast and one lunch per day. For further information about the free meals program contact Rachel Carlson ( or John Zoellner ( in the business office.

Meal Benefit Applications are now available on Infinite Campus.

To navigate to the application:

1. open your Infinite Campus parent portal

2. click on the menu

3. choose 'more'

4. choose 'meal benefits'

Although students are already receiving one free breakfast and one free lunch each day through the state program this application may allow them to receive additional benefits like reduced fees, etc.


Black River offers a school breakfast and lunch program with a simplified payment system using point of sale (POS) technology for services. School meals will begin on the first day of school. Breakfast is served beginning at 7:30am in the Lyceum building. Lunchtime varies depending upon the student grade. Please check with your teacher or the main office for service times. A food service account has been established for each student through Infinite Campus, our student information system. Deposits are made into individual student accounts and students draw from the account when they pay for a school meal or milk purchase. For students qualifying for a free breakfast and lunch, they pass through the serving line and use their PIN to "pay" just like everyone else, but the funding comes from the federal school meals account.

How do I put meal money into student accounts?
Parents can pay for school meals in three ways; (1) by check payable to BRPS-Food Service that can be placed in the mail or delivered to the main office by you or your student. We credit money based on student names. The memo of your check should include the student name or names whose account or accounts should be credited. You can pay for multiple students with one check, but be sure to specify how much for each child's account next to the names in the check memo or attach a note with a information, (2) by cash, exact change only (the office does not maintain a cash box) delivered to the main office or, (3) by credit card using your Infinite Campus parent portal account. 

How do I view my child's food service account?
Black River has set up an individual food service account for each student. You may check your child's account balance at any time by logging on to your Infinite Campus parent portal account. If you do not yet have a parent portal account, please go to our Forms page and complete the Infinite Campus enrollment form.

How is my student charged for breakfast and lunch? 
Each student has been assigned a 4-digit food service account PIN. You don't need to know the PIN to put money in your child's account right away. For K-5 students, teachers maintain student PINs and will assist them in ordering lunch every day. For 6-12 students, the PIN is printed on the class schedules that were mailed home at the start of the year. Every student will enter this PIN into a key pad at the end of the lunch line, a picture displays to verify identity, and the server will record which meal has been chosen via a touch-screen monitor. At this time, the meals' full or free price, as applicable is charged to the student's food service account.

What happens if there isn't money on account?
Money on account is not necessary for a student that qualifies for free breakfast and lunch. Please note, if a student receiving free meal benefits chooses to go through the line for a second meal they will be charged for the full price of the meal. For students not receiving lunch benefits, the meal program is a pay-in-advance program, not a credit program. With this being said, we will not let a child go without a meal. Parents should monitor their student's food service account balance through their Infinite Campus parent portal. If you would like your student's account to be turned off please notify the main office. 

If you have questions regarding how the lunch program works or need assistance with your account please contact Michelle Byrne at

491 Columbia Avenue
Holland, MI 49423
Phone: (616) 355-0055

Fax: (616) 355-0057