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Last Updated: 1/25/2022 6:46 PM

Black River continues to follow the Health Department's requirements for Covid-19 quarantining, and isolation as outlined in the OCDPH Reconciliation Order from January 11, 2022. There have been some changes to these procedures and the following information will help guide families on our current policies. 

So, you’re experiencing symptoms…

All persons, regardless of vaccination status, who exhibit symptoms must follow the Flowchart for Symptomatic Individuals linked here when determining exclusion from school. If a student or staff member exhibits one symptom from the left column or two symptoms from the right column, they will be required to remain home until they receive a negative Covid-19 test result from an official lab, or alternate diagnosis from a medical professional.  This is regardless of whether they were a close contact to a positive case. If they are unable to obtain one of these two they will then need to follow isolation instructions listed below. 

So, you’ve tested positive…   

All persons, regardless of vaccination status, who test positive for Covid-19 are required to isolate at home. If symptoms have improved and they are fever free without medication, they may return to school (where universal masking is in place) wearing an appropriate well-fitting mask on days 6-10 after symptom onset or positive test, whichever came first. They may not return to school activities where universal masking is not in place (basketball games/practice) until after day 10. 

*Any individual who tests positive through an at home test is encouraged to report this to the Health Department by clicking here in order to obtain the 90-day credit. Families must still report student cases directly to the school. 

Close contact exposure - dependent on vaccination status

Fully Vaccinated Individuals: Individuals who are up-to-date on their vaccination (have received all doses of a Covid-19 vaccine that they are eligible for) are not required to quarantine if exposed to a positive case as long as they remain asymptomatic regardless of where the exposure occurred (household or not). 

Unvaccinated Individuals: Unvaccinated individuals, who remain asymptomatic, are only required to quarantine if exposed to a positive case within their household. They will be required to quarantine for the duration of the positive case’s isolation period (see positive case above) plus an additional 5 day period as long as they remain asymptomatic. This can total 10 days, releasing on the 11th, after the onset of symptoms or positive test for the positive case. Quarantine is not required if close contact exposure is outside of the household as long as they remain asymptomatic. 

Face masks are required to be worn by *all individuals at all events and in all buildings on Black River's campus. Exceptions made for 7th-12th grade basketball players and game personnel in active participation. 

OCDPH Face Mask Information

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OCDPH Reconciliation Order from January 11, 2022

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